Poole Gakuin is a Christian organization supporting Poole Gakuin Junior and Senior High Schools, Poole Gakuin college and Poole Gakuin University and Graduate School of Intercultural Studies. Its governing bodies are made up of Christian leaders, scholars, business people and alumnae.

To the Glory of God

Poole proceeds into the 21st century with its 135-year history of keeping the Christianspirit alive and strong

In 1879, a school for girls was founded in Osaka by the Church Mission Society of the Anglican Church based on the ideals of love and service. Enveloped in the love of God, our campus has nourished the hearts and minds of young women, becoming a pioneer in girls’ education in Japan. The emphasis placed on freedom, cooperation and self-reliance by the early founders of Poole Gakuin lives on in the Poole Gakuin college and the recently established co-educational University and Graduate School.